Who will you be Rooming with next year?


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May 1st was national college decision day, and with that deadline also comes the final day to apply for housing and choose a future roommate. PCNN decided to find a couple Panther Creek seniors and ask them how their roommate search was going so far.

The first question we asked was what college the student would be attending in the fall and if they had found a roommate yet. 12th grader Kaeli Murphy plans to attend N.C. State and is lucky enough to have found a roommate she is already good friends with. Tyler Masie is also rooming with someone he knows well, fellow baseball player and teammate Austin Jolly, at East Carolina University.

Finally, PCNN asked students what qualities they looked for in a potential roommate. Murphy says she wanted someone who was clean and would join her at the gym. According to Pat Shannon, the three most important things are a roommate who is “chill, has a clean side of the room, and likes to party.” Finally, Masie says he knows his roommate is a good fit because he’s a fun, chill guy and he knows he will “keep his priorities straight.”

Although the search for a roommate can be a stressful process, it can be a rewarding experience for many. The senior class seems to be excited for what the future holds, and finding a new roommate is just one step along the way of this journey.

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