XXL Freshman

After much debate over who was the best rapper on the Panther Creek campus, we decided to bring the discussion to the students and settle it once and for all.

But first we decided to sit down with each rapper and ask them some questions.

Alex Llanes (Yung Skid), says this when asked about what got him into rapping: “I mean honestly it was just to be better than J money… he’s my rival”

Aidan Caldwell (Lil Possum) who is also a very talented producer as well as dropping fire on his beats. He told us that he pours his heart out into his raps, and his lyrics are very sophisticated.

Jordan Payne (J Money) the #1 rapper on the PC billboards at the end of 2018. He says “nobody can beat me in a one on one freestyle… I have more bars than a candy store.”

Aidan Pizzaro (Papi Zaro) when asked about any heat coming out this summer he said this: “Yea I have ‘In my Birkin Bag’ poppin’ out this summer, it’s gonna be pretty fire”

After discussing with a lot of students around PC they thought Yung Skid and J money had the best chances to make this years XXL Freshman list. With each rapper very early in their careers, we wish them all the best of luck as they hope to turn their dreams into reality.