Tik Tok


Is TikTok the next Vine, or something bigger?

All You Need to Know about TikTok in 2019


Tik Tok, The new social media trend. Hundreds of kids and adults all around the world have hopped on the app and have been creating content for everyone to see. People have access to fame in seconds, depending on how other users feel about their videos. Kids have been seen in public areas such as restaurants, schools, malls, shopping centers making these quick 15 second videos. No one knows as to why they are so popular and why the app has blown up so fast, but from the looks of it it doesn’t seem like it will die down anytime soon. For PCHS students it has been no different. Sophomores Emma Flanagan and Nicole Varanade have claimed to be active on the social media platform and have thousands of followers on the app. They both have said that they love how interactive the app is and how they can goof around and act like themselves with hundreds of people appreciating them for it. Nicole states that she thinks that tik tok is so popular because “it is so funny and different. There is nothing really like it.” It is easy to say that Tik Tok has significantly grown on the PCHS students and on people all around, who knows how long it will stay popular before it becomes another dead trend.