The Panther Creek Nerf Wars



Nerf wars is an all-around great experience for the seniors of Panther Creek. It includes a bracket style tournament where teams of  players go against other teams and try to “get them out” by shooting a nerf gun bullet at a player of the other team. Once you get hit once, you are out for the round, and if your team ends up with more players than the opposing team by the end of the week, your team proceeds to stay in the game. The winner of the tournament does not receive anything special, except for bragging rights.

However, this year there have been complains on the game getting out of hand. The rules state that you cannot shoot another student or player on campus, but off campus you are allowed to. Restaurants and public places have been complaining that students have been too “rowdy” and “aggressive”, or have been disturbing the peace and environment of the place. But nerf wars will continue to be a tradition at the school for seniors to participate in, and have a friendly competition with their fellow classmates.