Panther Creek Spirit Week 2019

Panther Creek had their spirit this past week from October 14, 2019 to October 18, 2019. This is an annual event here at Panther Creek. Everyday there is a different theme for the students. According to the first spirit week occurred in 1911 at the University of Missouri, and it has come a long way. Here are the themes for this year:

Monochromatic Monday is a day where each grade level has to wear a different color. Freshmen wear yellow, Sophomores wear red, Juniors wear green, and Seniors wear pink. Freshman Haylie said, “I liked Monday, Monochromatic theme was the best.”

Tacky Tourist Tuesday is a day where every student wears clothes like they were sightseeing during summer vacation. Junior Max Maple said, “probably tacky tourist. Probably the best one we have,” when asked about his favorite day of spirit week.

Way-Back Wednesday this year, unlike previous years, is a day where all students can wear clothes from any decade they would like. In the past, the school had assigned which decade each class wore. This day is by far the most popular day among our interviewees. Four of the nine interviewees said this was their favorite day. Sophomore Halah Cates said, “My favorite so far was probably Way-Back Wednesday because I have seen a lot of cool outfits that are way more back than you would expect. I’ve seen a guy in a Dark Ages Priest outfit, I’ve seen a Knight Helmet, I’ve seen a 50s Housewife, and they are all pretty cool,” when asked about her favorite day. With the restrictions gone, students have gotten more creative than ever, and come up with some amazing ideas.

Jersey Thursday is a day where students are supposed to wear jerseys from their favorite sports teams. Senior Ally DelVendo said that this was her favorite day because “Jersey Day because like everyone actually participates in it.”

Friday is PC Pride Day where all students are supposed to wear their Panther Creek attire. Senior Griffin Robertson said, “Panther Creek out,” was his favorite day of the week.

Although Spirit Week is a big hit, students have some ideas for days that they think should be included. Senior Natalia Barnack said, “Cowboys vs Aliens because you can be as creative as you want,” as her suggestion for a day we should add. Both freshmen, Haylie and Max Maple, want the school to have a pajama day during spirit week. Senior Ally DelVendo said she wanted “Retirement Tuesday,” but only “so I can wear pajamas to school.” Senior Nick Moore and Sophomore Halah Cates both want to bring back “Dynamic Duo” or “Twin Day.” Junior Delaney Garver said, “I wish we had Tik Tok day because you can really have fun with that one, and I feel like it is more appropriate because more people would dress up. Junior Max Maple piggy-backed on this idea with “Meme Day.”

There are lots of things students enjoy during Spirit Week. Senior Natalia Barnack, Junior Delaney Garver, and Freshman Haylie all said that dressing up was their favorite part of Spirit Week. Senior Nick Moore and Sophomore Halah Cates both said that seeing other people dress up was the best part of Spirit Week. Senior Griffin Robertson, Junior Max Maple, Freshman Caleb Drye, and Senior Ally DelVendo all said that the Pep Rally was their favorite part of Spirit Week.

This past week at Panther Creek has given students a chance to show their school spirit and be creative with their outfits for the week.