Catamounts and Crewmates: A Look Into Panther Creek’s Among Us Players

October 19, 2020

There is one impostor among us. The words flash in white and red on thousands of screens across the world, signalling the st...

Senior Parade of 2021: Fuels like Paradise

October 16, 2020

The class of 2021’s senior year is now well underway, and the seniors have adjusted to their last yea...

Sophomores: The Virtual Class of 2023

Monica Arneja, Editor

September 22, 2020

Since March 13th our world has been flipped upside down. Our world has changed drastically whether that be as an individual, as a community, as a nation, or as a globe. Eight billion individuals have been affected by this pandemic. From living our everyday lives to being quarantined in our own homes, it is unimaginable to say...

Dungeons and Dragons and Quiz Bowl, Oh My! – A Guide to PCHS Clubs

Mia Hernandez, Editor

September 18, 2020

 2020 has been a very different year so far. Students left on March 13th with smiles and laughter thinking that there would just be an extra week of spring break. But now the new school year has started with classes online. Students are feeling the new rush of suddenly remembering there was an assignment due at 11:59pm and i...

A Look at the Freshman of PC in the World of COVID19

September 18, 2020

Everyone knows that stepping out of the doors of middle school and into the doors of high school is a m...

COVID-19 + the Class of 2022

Halah Cates, Editor

September 18, 2020

An empty coffee mug sits on a desk, still warm from the liquid it held a moment ago. Two more, equally empty, have been left behind it. Around them are scattered stacks of paper, lit by a lamp and a laptop with twelve open tabs. The time in the corner of its screen reads 12:31 AM. A student sits in front of it and types frantically, ho...

A Virtual Finale: Seniors Thoughts On Online School

A Virtual Finale: Seniors Thoughts On Online School

September 17, 2020

COVID-19, also known as the Coronavirus, has disrupted many plans in 2020. From weddings to proms to...

Books Made Into Movie Review Part 1: Calling “Call Me By Your Name” Like It Is

Mia Hernandez

May 14, 2020

  I had heard film enthusiasts rave about the film Call Me By Your Name ever since the movie’s release during my freshman year of high school. It was praised as a beautiful LGBT film whose love stretched beyond it centering around a gay storyline and instead showed the throes of a summer love that ended too soon. Essentially,...

Book Review Series Part 1: Scythe by Neal Shusterman

Anikka Pil, Reporter

April 30, 2020

Scythe by Neal Shusterman Overall rating: 4 out of 5 stars   Categorized as a YA speculative fiction novel, Scythe by Neal Shusterman was awarded a Printz Honor Award (Michael L. Printz) in 2017, an award granted to books that represent the “best writing in YA literature”. I decided to borrow Scythe from my s...

Tompa Bay

Aaman Patel, Reporter

April 30, 2020

Tom Brady officially left the New England Patriots for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on March 17, 2020. He announced earlier that day that he would in fact be leaving the Patriots via Instagram. On his Instagram post, he thanked Bill Belichick, Robert Kraft, the players, and the coaches of the Patriots Organization. The biggest question...

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