What Happened at the Raleigh Women’s March?


On the anniversary of Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration, the Women’s March organization promoted a local protest for women’s rights. Thousands of volunteers marched their protest signs and chants across the United States. Women’s March‘s mission is, “to harness the political power of diverse women and their communities to create transformative social change.” The News and Observer reported the event, which was held at Halifax Mall by the Legislative Building. The rally was held to protest the policies put in place by the Trump Administration.

The theme of the event was “Women Leading the Resistance.” It featured musical performances and speeches from many advocates for women’s rights, including those from political, social justice, and religious organizations. PCNN interviewed some students at Panther Creek who took part in the march in 2018. Leah Dawit attended the march because, “it sounded like fun, and I wanted to empower women and support them.” Another PCHS student, Nikita Verma, also attended the march, and was asked if she witnessed anything notable at the march. She explained that a woman seemed to be arrested because she was holding a protest sign with a stick at the end. The woman was later identified as Takiyah Thompson, and was asked by the Women’s March organization to give a speech about that experience.

Nikita Verma also went to the 2018 march and when asked if she saw anything notable she said,“Actually yes, um uh a colored women was… I don’t know how to explain it I guess “arrested” and it was because of holding uh sign with a stick at the end. So they gave a speech about it and how it was wrong, for her to be chosen out of the whole crowd, so it was scary but interesting I guess you can say to see it happen.” Another Panther Creek senior Jordan Foster was attending and hoped the women marches would be able to accomplish “More equality for women and I think they should be treated better all around in society and on social media and things like that.”