Do Air Pods Live Up to the Hype?


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In the past months, Apple’s Airpods have been dominating the headphone industry. Airpods are known for their wireless and Bluetooth features, some of which are exclusive to Apple products. Many of Apple’s consumers seem to be satisfied with the Airpods, but however many people also believe they are overrated and aren’t worth the $159 retail. This all begs the question-do Airpods live up to the hype ?

PCNN decided to find out and interview a few students at Panther Creek. We came up with a list of questions and interviewed students who own a pair of Airpods and students who didn’t. Doing this helped us understand both perspectives on the question at hand. When asked if Airpods live up to the hype, junior Mark South responded with “If Apple didn’t make them then no, but they did and Apple controls everything”. When asked the same question, junior Michael Winans said they are worth the hype because “They have cool features and they have a nice slick look”.

Basically, from the responses given to us we have concluded that the Airpods don’t live up to the hype, but however can be worth the price. Depending on your purposes and if you have a use for the earbuds can factor into the hype and price of Airpods.


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