Principal For A Day


Legendary principal and future hall of famer Camille Hedrick is leaving Panther Creek. Although she is leaving for Green Hope, the legacy our principal has left behind will never be forgotten. Since our school doesn’t have a principal selected for next year, we asked some students how they feel about what’s going on and what they would do if they had the chance to be our principal.

We started by talking to junior Jay Allmer, a star baseball pitcher. We asked Jay about what he would do as principal and he suggested we “get more janitors and improve the water fountains.” Next, we interviewed one other junior Natalia Barnack, along with seniors Jack Ely and Mika Willis. First, we asked about how they felt about our principal leaving and what they would do. Mika Willis said, “it’s sad… and I would add a rowing team to the school.”

Jack Ely added his input, saying it’s a shame we lost our principal and “we are going to miss her here.” When asked about what he would do as principal, Jack stated, “I would try to up on the recycling around here, I think we need to be more environmentally friendly.” Finally, we interviewed junior Natalia Barnack. Natalia was sad about the departure of the principal, and when asked about what she would do, she said, “Plant more trees, and [have] cleaner bathrooms.”