Inside story about the sensation Morgan Smalls


Morgan Smalls is quite possibly Panther Creek’s most talented athlete. From winning domestic awards to setting statewide and national records, she is an athlete that can be categorized as “elite.” She has currently been ranked the number one high jumper in the nation, top 10 long and triple jumper in the country, and has been recognized to have the 5th fastest 400m race in the state. Morgan particularly enjoys the high jump, as she states that it is “the most fun and comes to her more naturally.”

Athlete’s like Morgan have a lot to balance out, such as schoolwork, practices, meets, as well her her family and social life. But something about her makes her different from everyone else, as she is able to handle anything thrown her way and successfully complete it. Morgan is positively representing PCHS and is a example to all. With the rest of her junior year and entire senior year remaining in her high school career, she is destined for great things.