Women’s Track and Field State Championship 2019


Tommy Riggins


The annual Wake County track and field championships took place on Saturday March 30, 2019. This year, the championship was held at Green Hope High. Panther Creek took home a few wins with Morgan Smalls being runner up for girls 200 meter dash, first place for girls 400 meter dash and Susannah Truitt coming in first for girls pole vault. Kelly Smith also came in first for girls long jump. Panther Creek was also the champions for girls 4×200 meter relay. According to NCHSAA, Panther Creek is also the 2019 4A women’s state championships. This is Panther Creeks second straight 4A championships. Morgan Smalls also represents Panther Creek when she takes home the win for being “the meets second MVP in a row”.



Panther Creek’s spring track  teams had a very successful year this season. The teams were filled with so much talent that they made it to States. We interviewed three of the winners and got the scoop on how stats was from their point of view. Diana, a junior makes the comment that some of the challenges of winning states was the weather, due to the extreme heat that the runners experienced, and some difficult composition that they went against. She named off Southeast Raleigh and Providence as some of their biggest competitors. Morgan smalls also states that the heat was very difficult to compete in, but she remembered the importance of staying hydrated. Addison Baker, a junior states that she faced the challenge of being tripped in event, and having to push to keep going and finish her race. She states that “it wasn’t my best race.”

At the end of race the team came together and had dinner lunch at Chick-fil-a; where they thanked their coaches and all the officials. Addison states that she celebrated the win by “cheering, and having a good time with my friends.” On the hand Morgan celebrated the win by getting a good night’s rest.

When our interviewers asked if they are planning on continuing with track in college they all answered yes. Diana states that she will most likely attend North Carolina State, butt she is also looking at other options. Addison wants to continue with track in college because she enjoys it, and sees the sport as a stress reliever for her. Morgan knows she will continue with track but doesn’t know which school she will attend just yet.

This team was just as talented and successful as last year, but Diana believes that this year was different by how there was more of a “cohesiveness” among the team. Addison doesn’t see much of a change given the fact that most of the athletes are the same as last year, even though they now have a closer relationship with each other, and they “put in just as much effort as last year,” says Morgan.

Both years have concluded in successful outcomes, even though this year some of the athletes feel they are much closer as teammates and are hoping to continue their success and talent all the way into college.