How far can PC soccer go this year?


Rivals, Panther Creek Catamounts and Green Hope falcons go head to head at their last conference game of the season.
Midfielder Suraj Karki, class of 2021, number 5, is caught in motion moments before he shoots the ball.

The Panther Creek Men’s Varsity Soccer team has held a record of 13-2-1 this season so far. Being ranked second in the East of all North Carolina teams, the boys have played exceptionally well this season. Senior goalkeeper Drew Reichardt says that “the team is more prepared than ever for the playoffs and I have confidence we can a deep run”. If the team wins their last 4 regular season games, they will set the record with wins, making it the most all-time for PC Soccer in one season. The team is currently tied with Cary at the top of the Tri-8 Conference standings, but will get the higher seed in playoffs. We polled 25 students and 19 of them said they believed the boys will win conference.