The 2018 Homecoming Experience


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The students at Panther Creek look forward to homecoming every year. It is truly a spectacle at Panther Creek High School. Each year the students come together for the annual homecoming dance. PCNN has come forward to ask students about their 2018 homecoming experience.

We sat down to ask whether or not they went to homecoming and how their experience was. According to Weston Plunket, “it was pretty good, but not better than last year.” This was evident in many of the students responses. The majority of students had a date and some of them went with friends.

Another thing we asked about was what each student thought about the theme this year, which was Old Hollywood. Taylor Stone said “it was good, but it got crazy when everyone was dancing.” Most students didn’t seem to pay much attention to the theme, and were preoccupied having fun with their friends.

Next, we talked about what everyone’s favorite part of homecoming was. However, most of the students we interviewed said there were more elements of the dance that they didn’t like. Griffin Stidham enjoyed the environment as a whole but said, “the music and crowd were shaky at moments.”

When prompted with what could be improved, Juniors Aidan Pizzarro and Michael Winans said the dance needed “better music and a change in venue to make it a bigger place where more tickets could be sold.” The rest of the students were in agreement that the music selection was outdated.

The DJ I felt really was not on his game this year.”

— Weston Plunkett


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