Phone Addiction in Teenagers

Nowadays wherever you go you will see at least one smartphone per person. At this day and age, the majority of kids have a smartphone starting from elementary school. Research shows that this is a sort of epidemic due to the increased amount of addiction seen recently. Many people do not want to believe it, but a large amount of the population are addicted to their phones.

Smartphones are a useful tool. They can be a helpful resource for research and keeping schoolwork organized, but they can also be a huge distraction to students. Students are often abusing their power and staying on social media throughout class, updating their status, snap-chatting friends, and posting on instagram. These are all activities that should be done in a student’s free time, and not during the designated time they have to be learning and studying.

*The pictures in this slideshow were scripted for this story*


Phone addiction doesn’t just show up in students. Many adults can’t go to work without constantly checking their phones. In some cases, that could be for work, but many times it is not. In any public place, one of the most prominent things is cell phone use. They are used in stores, lines, cars, restaurants, and so much more.

Smartphones have a time and a place. Everyday, the epidemic is getting larger and larger as more people get addicted to their pocket sized devices.