Should Off-Campus Food be Allowed On Campus?



In Panther Creek High School the upperclassmen have the privilege of going off campus. Many of them use this opportunity and go to a restaurant or fast food place of their choice for the lunch period. Going off campus was implemented at Panther Creek due to the fire marshal code on the amount of people that are allowed to be in the cafeteria at the same time.

The main purposes of going off campus, other than the fire code, is to avoid the school lunches. Students decide not to eat school lunches for many different reasons. The meals provided by school can be unhealthy, and often not appealing. Some students choose to go off campus just to take a break from the schooling environment.

When asked for his thoughts on the off campus foods policy, Senior Alexander Ahlquist said he thinks, “the off campus food policy is a little too strict, and they should make it more lenient for people to bring food back onto campus for the people who have to attend smart lunch”. Overall students believe that they should have more freedom with the off campus policy.