Panther Creek’s 2019 Resolutions


For years, the New Year has signified the beginning of change for many. People set goals that they would like to achieve before the new year is over. The typical goals usually pertain to health, financials, and overall character.  There has also been much discussion in regards to how long that goal will last before said person gives up on it.

When Panther Creek students were asked what their new year’s goals were, a lot of it pertained to school and their relationships with people. Jenna Magner said, “…to not fight with my siblings.” Other students had goals set to improve their financials. Bailey Ensman said, “…to save money.” Some even shared goals to improve their health. Sebastian Forgrave said, “to work out more.” Hannah Sorenson shared similar sentiments in regards to food intake, “to drink less soda.”

Although their goals were different, one thing they all had in common was how long their commitment lasted. Rather, how short they lasted. The overwhelming majority of students interviewed committed to their goal for a maximum of six months. There was only one student that said they accomplished their goals. There was no straight answer as to why they gave up but Forgrave, in regards to his goals, said, “…I didn’t get too far with it…It’s not going to change [in reference to his goals for his grades].” The surprising part was when students were asked what their goals were for 2019, many repeated the same goals that they didn’t follow through with last year, insinuating that they were trying to be more disciplined. Once again following the trend of goals to improve character, health, and financials.

A lot of businesses have caught on to the trend of typical goals and have found ways to make money off of it. According to The Independent, a lot of gyms notice that registration goes up. A typical gym holds 3,000 registration slots but gyms allow up to 6,000 because they know people won’t show up. In 2017, The top resolution was in about one’s health. 53% of people said they wanted to lose weight or get in shape. Financial companies are also conducting their own research for their businesses. According to Fidelity, a financial service company,  more people feel better about their financial situation in 2018. Although this is a good thing, financial advisors still advocate for customers to seek financial advice to continuously improve their financial state which in turns boosts the company’s business.