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Where are Panther Creek Students Going for Spring Break?

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Where are Panther Creek Students Going for Spring Break?


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As the winter months come to an end, spring fever is quickly approaching and the Catamounts are looking forward to spring break. From an exotic getaway to a relaxing vacation at home, Panther Creek students are spending this time in a multitude of ways. PCNN wanted to uncover whether or not students would be staying in town for break, as well as how they plan on making the most of their short and sweet time off.

The first question asked to students was “What did you do last spring break?” Senior Christian Alvarez said he went to Italy and a few other parts of Europe for some “sightseeing.” Fellow classmate Peyton Heron said she did something similar, spending the previous year abroad exploring the beaches of Hawaii. It also seemed common for students to take the week off at home, catching up on sleep and spending time with family and friends.

Next, we inquired about students’ plans for this year’s spring break holiday. Peyton is anticipating a trip to Florida with her family and her friend Camryn. She will be headed to Fort Lauderdale, which is filled with beautiful beaches. A good majority of students also responded that they would be traveling to the coast to spend their vacation on the water.

Finally, we finished off our questions by asking students what they thought makes spring break so spectacular. Junior Alex Llanes says spring break is “really hyped up.” Another 11th grader, Rai Morales, disagreed, saying he believes there are many factors that make spring break so special. He says “everything about it man, the beaches, just relaxing.”

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Where are Panther Creek Students Going for Spring Break?