Humans of Panther Creek


Humans of Panther Creek is an Instagram account founded by the PC Photography Club. Members spent multiple lunches going around the school, talking to students and writing down answers. A big part of the inspiration for the account was to allow students to get to know their peers, and what better way than through social media? The Instagram account has over 400 followers, some of which don’t even attend Panther Creek!

This account was inspired by the Humans of NY account. The owner of this account, Brandon Stanton, started by taking pictures of people in New York City, captioned with stories they tell in response to his questions. Stories range from heartbreak to happiness, and continue to inspire the 9 million followers he has gained over the years. The goal of both accounts are similar: solidarity and community. People feel a little less alone, as they read what others are going through and connect. Stanton’s success has allowed him to travel to other countries, usually those in crisis, and talk to citizens there as well.

Panther Creek has a diverse population, and building this sense of community among it is important to keep everyone connected and respectful.