Showcasing the Melting Pot of PC


The Panther Creek International Festival took place on April 10th, 2018 and was hosted by the PCHS Interact Club.  The international festival is an opportunity for students to presents the countries they are from as well as food, dance, music, etc. that are indigenous to their roots. Every year students show up in traditional clothing and showcase exciting presentations about their country.

This year, countries from all across the globe were represented from Bangladesh to Ethiopia, to the Philippines. When asked why they decided to participate, this is what they had to say. Anika, a sophomore, was representing the Philippines. She said, “It’s always cool to [go] and learn about other cultures.” When asked why international festivals are important, many answered that it is a great opportunity to grow and expand your knowledge about other cultures and people. Meaza Adegge, a junior, who was representing Ethiopia shared that international festivals, “embrace the melting pot within our high school and in a way brings everybody together.”

International festivals have been known to bring big crowds not only to the school but as well as citywide. Every year in Raleigh, there is an international festival that lasts three days. Three days of food, performances, and education. Diversity is a huge aspect of our country, and festivals such as these have been known promote happiness and harmony.