The Final Act: PC Theater’s Last Show of 2019


Every semester, the advanced Panther Creek Theatre Arts classes (III and IV) put on two plays for the school. Each play is directed by a Theatre Arts IV student, and the cast consists of Theatre Arts III students. This years spring semester is performing “Things Fall (Meanwhile)” by Barton Bishop, directed by Hailey Martin, and “This Side of Heaven” by Don Zolidis, directed by CJ Craig.

PCNN asked Rachel Donnan, cast as Meg’s Cello in “Things Fall (Meanwhile),” how the play differs from other theatre productions, and she explained that, “it’s a lot smaller scale, [and] it’s definitely a little lower budget.” The  production is directed solely by students, not teachers, and acts as an exam for the class. When asked to describe the difference this change in leadership makes, Jax Coon, cast as Fever in “This Side of Heaven,” told PCNN, “[the student directors] listen to us more… they give us a lot more feedback.”

Since this production is a test grade, it is designed to showcase everything the theatre classes throughout the semester. Hannah Cox, cast as Narrator 2, announcer, and EMT 2 in “Things Fall (Meanwhile),” explained that they used stage directions they learned, and, “used Uta Hagen questions to help.” Uta Hagen is a set of questions actors use to get themselves into character.

Come out and see “Things Fall (Meanwhile)” and “This Side of Heaven” on May 3rd and 4th at 7 pm! Tickets are $5 at the door.