What do AP Students Prefer for Exams?


The AP exams will be taken in the auxiliary gym

Every year in May, thousands of students across the nation take the Advanced Placement test otherwise known as the AP tests. These exams are available to all students who’ve taken AP courses. PCNN went out to investigate students’ opinions on the exams.

When asked if the AP exams are a good measure of how much you’ve learned Koen Moreno says “Yes and no if you take them in the spring then [yes] because it’s towards the end of the course but when you take it in the fall then you forget everything.” Since there is only AP testing available in the spring, some students who took AP courses during the fall can forget the information learned in the class. Davis Castellanos thinks, “it’s kind of unfair to have people take an exam that they learned in a class a semester ago.”

PCNN then asked if they would rather have their AP classes in the fall or spring semester. Griffin Stidham says, “definitely in the spring because that way I can ensure that I’ve done all my studying and can finish is that day.” Other students would rather have their AP classes in the fall. Allison Moxley would prefer to have her AP classes in the fall since she doesn’t have any sports or other extracurriculars that take place in the spring.