Class of 2019’s Dream Senior Prank




With the end of the school year approaching, the senior class of Panther Creek is getting ready to graduate and start the next chapter in their lives. However, there is still one tradition left: the senior prank, but seniors are not exactly sure what the everyone has in mind. So PCNN decided to interview a few seniors, and find some possible inspiration.

When asked if he had heard any rumors about plans, senior Mason Taylor said he heard people discussing a plan in which the seniors park their cars in the staff parking lot. Senior Parker Mason replied with, “we are going to take out all the desks in the classrooms and put them in the hallway”.

Although many of the ideas brainstormed by the senior class are purposefully only a minor inconvenience, there is still the question of what restrictions should be placed on the prank. Students mostly said they think as long as no one is put in harms way.