The Broken Phones of PC


Tommy Riggins



There might be an epidemic among teens these days, the terrible case of broken phones, probably caused by an actual terrible case. It is very difficult to NOT have a broken phone, according to W3 Solutions “The average time from purchase to breaking your phone is approximately 10 weeks.” and “ 38 percent of consumers will drop their phone right out of their hand.” Which might seem shocking, but it’s just statistics that can be proven by some students we interviewed about their phone. Davis Parker states that he cracked “about six screens” Davis has actually been bold enough to travel with his phone without a case, even given his record of broken phones. Alex Llanes beat Davis’s record by cracking his phone “about eleven or twelve time” Alex says he too has gone without a case, thus leading reason his phone became so cracked, but his phone wears a case now. The outlier of the group would be Sebastian Forgraves who has only broken his phone once, but actually always travels without a case on his phone.

Some of ways they have cracked may be shocking, for example Davis cracked his phone because he got “really mad one time, and I was outside and I threw it across the parking lot.” Alex cracked one of many phones due to the fact it fell out of his mom’s car and “part of it cracked off and there was only half of the screen and the other half was shattered” to where he then bought a new phone. Sebastian states the worst and only time he cracked his phone was when it fell out of his hand “and fell and crashed.”

Based on all these very different responses it’s safe to say that a case might be helpful to protect your phone from breaking once, or more than eleven times.