Inside Panther Creek Homecoming Weekend 2019


Panther Creek captains greeting the Hillside captains.

Panther Creek lines up to punt the ball to Hillside.

Camryn Grizer after being crowned homecoming queen pictured with last year’s queen Nikita Verma.

Camryn Grizer, homecoming queen, pictured with the school mascot.

Opposing teams battling for the football.

The students at Panther Creek look forward to homecoming every year. However, this year there was a big change to the Homecoming Court and its gender roles. Previously only Panther Creek’s senior female students were eligible to run for Homecoming Court, but this year it’s called “Catamount Crown” because anyone in the senior class, including boys, could run. 

Many students have conflicting ideas of Catamount Crown, so knowing this PCNN decided to interview some of the candidates running for the crown this year to get their opinions and gather information about this upcoming election. 

When asked How do you feel about changes between last year and this year’s homecoming court?, senior Hope Welborn responded with,“I was not really excited in the beginning, but I think it’s really cool because that way the people who actually want to participate on homecoming court actually can”. Senior Cazzi Norgren said “I think it would be a really fun experience to take on with my fellow classmates and a good way to end my senior year”, when she was asked “What made you want to run for homecoming court ?”. Senior Diane Cafferey’s biggest advice to upcoming candidates next year is to have fun with the experience and not to take it too seriously. Overall many of the candidates have different views on the new changes this year, but they all intend on having fun with the election.