The Freshman Class Finishes their First Quarter of High School


Mr. Walsh’s world history class working hard on stations.

Mr. Walsh’s world history class working on stations.
Freshmen working hard in world history.

The fall season brings about not only chilly weather, but also the end of the first quarter. Fall sports wrap up and grades are finalized; it is a process that most Panther Creek High School students are familiar with.

Well, almost all students except the freshman class of 2023. 

High school can be daunting, and adapting to a new environment can be especially difficult for those starting out. However, the freshman class has come a long way since their first day in August. 

When asked about how high school compares to middle school, 9th grader Emmanuel Gregory says, “Well there’s four classes so it’s a lot easier to do your work and it’s not as stressful as having seven classes.” 

“We have less classes but they’re more mentally straining,” states freshman Laura Guzman. 

Making friends, maintaining grades, and participating in school activities is no doubt overwhelming, but there are things to love within the high school experience.

“My favorite thing [is] probably the friends, because I’ve made a lot of new friends here,” Guzman says. 

“I would say the one hour lunch…” adds Gregory. 

Nevertheless, the school year is one quarter closer to being over. Until then, freshmen will continue to make new memories and have experiences within the halls of Panther Creek.