Take a look at the new Security Guard

The hardworking staff of Panther Creek High School goes beyond the teachers and administration. Behind the scenes, there are those who work hard to keep the school safe. Panther Creek welcomes a new security guard for the school year, Ryan Stevens. 

“It’s been pretty good so far, it’s a nice school,” comments Stevens. 

Ryan’s job is to keep an eye out for car accidents or incidents near the school building and reports them. 

“…They had two accidents, actually, in the past week or two so I get to check it out…” he states. 

He, like the other security guards, are easily identifiable by his uniform, a bright-colored yellow shirt and black shirt.

With a laugh, Stevens says, “This one was actually better than the one we had before…they wouldn’t let us wear baseball caps or stuff like that, they used to make us wear a weird police hat…” 

Ryan Stevens will work for Panther Creek High School for the 2019-2020 school year. 

“[The students] have been really good so far…they’re respectful and do what they’re supposed to do,” Ryan adds.