This year, Halloween will kick off the long weekend — a spooky yet relieving end to midterms week. Now, instead of prepping for their tests, Panther Creek High students are preparing their costumes and setting up their candy bowls for trick-or-treating.

According to History.com, the origin of Halloween came from an ancient Celtic festival, Samhain, where people dress in costumes to ward off ghosts. It eventually came to America during the Age of Exploration. 

Students dressed as ghosts and skeletons, classic Halloween looks, will haunt the streets on Thursday night on the hunt for candy. Others will carve pumpkins, make Halloween-themed treats, or attend spooky parties. 

When asked what their favorite part of the Hallo-weekend is, sophomore Ryan James said, “Probably hanging with family, seeing different friends, going to parties…” 

“I love to watch horror movies and hang out with friends and just all the fun activities with Halloween,” Mia Gallopo, a sophomore, added.  

Many will spend time with their family and uphold family traditions. 

“…My family has a block party sometimes,” senior Taylor Martin comments. 

When students were asked about their costumes this year, Ryan James said, “I like scary…my sister is not really into scary things and just scaring her on her birthday is hilarious.”

“…Scary, I guess,” Greyson Rodgers, a junior, said. 

Whatever plans are going on, Panther Creek students are excited for the Hallo-weekend.