A QuaranTEEN Halloween


This year, like many other things, Halloween looked different. With trying to figure out how to trick-or-treat COVID friendly or just hang out with friends all dressed up, people had to get creative! Here’s how two Panther Creek students spent their Halloween:

Senior, Elise Kimble, spent her Halloween at home this year due to COVID. She had originally planned to go trick or treating and dress up but made the executive decision to stay home. Similar to Elise, Senior Jonathon Nuenke is staying home this year. He states, “The most plans I have this year is just to watch old Halloween movies, maybe the original Halloween from the ’80s. Just relax at home and not really do too much.”

When asked about what she was excited for this year, Kimble stated: “Honestly, I’m still going to try because I got my whole costume planned out so I’m going to be trying on that and just hanging around the house.” Jonathan is most excited about “Just staying home with my family and eat some food, watch some movies, and go to sleep.”

What Elise missed most about Halloween pre-COVID was seeing people and being able to actually come in contact with others. Nuenke misses the excitement that people had about Halloween and dressing up. 

Decorations are Kimble’s favorite Halloween tradition to partake in due to having house contests in their neighborhood. “My favorite Halloween traditions are turning off the lights and pretending we’re not home. That’s the best tradition,” Jonathan states.

“About six years ago I remember I was going as a dual costume with my sister and no one got the costume or where it was from but I remember we got a bunch of extra candy that year because everyone asked about it and we had to tell a whole 20-minute story. It was really long ago but that was my favorite Halloween moment,” Elise stated when asked about her favorite Halloween memory. Nuenke’s favorite memory is, “I think it has to be last year because before that I hadn’t really had many plans, but last year I went out with my friends and I actually dressed up for the first time in like five years. It was just really memorable.”