Seniors’ Post-High School Plans!

April 30, 2021

Big changes are coming for PCHS seniors as students are finishing up their final months as a high schooler. From taking a gap year, to picking up full time jobs, to going to university, students have an exciting pathway ahead of them. Studies show that the majority of students plan to continue their education after high school. Options for seniors include attending a four-year college or university, going to a two-year college, getting a job whether full-time or part-time, going to the military, participating in trade and certificate programs, or taking a gap year. 

In 2015, statistics showed that in North Carolina, Ninety percent of female high school graduates reported that they planned to continue their schooling: half planned to go to a 4-year college or university and another 40% reported that they would go to a community college, junior college, or trade school. Further studies showed that 78% of males intended to continue their schooling. Thirty-nine percent of recent male high school graduates planned to enroll in a 4-year college or university and thirty eight percent reported plans to attend a community college, junior college, or trade school.

To learn more about what PCHS students planned on doing after graduating, we decided to interview some of our students. Emma Potter, a senior at Panther Creek is planning on attending Clemson University. She is majoring in business. The reason for choosing this major is because she “participated in a business club throughout high school and really enjoyed it so she wanted to make a career out of it.” When asking Emma what she is most nervous about after high school, she said that she is nervous about “being away from her mom since she depends on her for a lot”. She then went on to say she is most excited about college experiences like football games. When bringing up COVID-19 and its effects on university, Emma indicated that she thinks COVID might “limit some of the activities that are able to go on or that masks will need to be worn everywhere.” She then went on to say that it looks like most colleges will have students attend classes in person and that the experience should be a good one. 

We also interviewed another student at Panther Creek named Olivia Kuchera. Oliva plans on attending the University of Tennessee and wants to major in Sports Management. She picked this major because she “likes sports and wants to eventually work in ESPN/NFL.” She goes on to say she is nervous about going out of state but is excited to meet new people and make new friends. Olivia said she doesn’t think COVID will affect her school very much because she is sure that everything will be back to normal and in person. 

To get more generic information regarding Senior Plans, we also conducted a social media poll. Out of the 10 students who participated in the poll, we learned that 7 of the students would be attending a four year college, 2 students will be going to a two year college, and one plans on working. We also learned that 5 out of the 10 students knew what they wanted to study while 3 did not and 2 had an idea of what they could possible do. Half of the students responding to the polls indicated they were nervous for graduating and that they would be staying instate to study. Lastly, 6/10 answered that they were ready to go into the real world.

Through interviewing these two individuals and conducting the polls, we see that most seniors are dedicated to creating a successful future for themselves. We wish all PCHS students the best of luck as they leave Panther Creek and continue their journey to success.