Defining Panther Creek Men’s Wrestling


Panther Creek men’s wrestling team on senior night.

We are aware of students’ response to virtual learning but now it is time to hear the stories of these high school athletes and how the pandemic has affected their sports seasons.

Defining sports this season is unlike any other year ever imagined for a high school student athlete. COVID-19 has surged all across the globe having each and every individual adapted to a new life. We take a deeper dive into the student athletes at Panther Creek, more specifically the men’s wrestling team.

The pandemic has limited interaction worldwide. From being quarantined in our homes to remote learning, our society has adapted to the changes this pandemic has brought to us. I had the opportunity to interview one of the senior captains that have been with Panther Creek’s wrestling program since their first year of high school. Class of 2021, Ali Adloo, shared his thoughts on how our wrestling program is now defined this year, despite the effects of COVID-19.

“This year I would define the program as a group of motivated young men that are passionate about the sport,” says Adloo. “Throughout the effects and delays of COVID, this experience has truly taught our team to appreciate the little things because that is what makes life enjoyable” Adloo continues.

The pandemic has affected the daily lives of individuals by making everything much more isolated. The Panther Creek Men’s wrestling program can relate to that change, especially when it comes to school, social life, and sports. “COVID has definitely brought us closer together. However, it has made practice more difficult, especially when it comes to drilling moves or scraping with your teammates.” says Adloo.

Due to the spread of COVID it has impacted the men’s wrestling team significantly. “The pandemic has resulted in a change of schedule and delayed season, as well as influencing us to follow protocols everyday to keep everyone safe,” states Adloo.

I asked Adloo how the coaches and staff have been practicing social distancing and COVID protocol, due to hand to hand contact. He states “There have been less interactions between teams such as no longer shaking hands before a match. The layout of practice has also changed as coaches can not really come into contact with everybody.”

I asked Adloo if he personally prefers the effects of COVID during their season or not. “I think that all in all, our program would be better off without the virus affecting our daily lives. However, I also think that realizing that this pandemic is much greater than our own situation. It has put everybody in the same situation, and we had to work together to overcome it. This experience has allowed us to feel gratitude for our opportunity, rather than being upset about our circumstances and that is what has made my senior year so memorable.”


Jonathan Lee Fiedler caught in action.

Panther Creek men’s wrestling team on senior night.