Panther Creek’s Dance 2019 Winter Concert


December 12th and 13th marks the first dance concert of the year. Most of the dances I and dance company choreographed the dances for the show, from the routine, lighting and costumes. With the exception of three of the dances that were taught by Ms. Harris the new dance teacher at Panther Creek. Ms. Harris took over the dance department after Mrs. Travis left at the end of last year.

When asked about working with Ms. Harris as a new teacher Sophomore Nicole Lane (Dance I) said “Honestly, I love Ms. Harris, like she is so much better than any other theatre and dance teacher that I ever had. because she really cares about her students and she so kind and patient…”

Lindsey Yewdell (Dance Company) opened up about if she liked choreographing her own work, “I like learning them from the other choreographers because you get to learn a new style and have them teach you.” As well as how she and others get ideas gets idea for the dances “All the dances come from like emotions…”

Mia Alberti (Dance I) tells PCNN that the audience should expect “its gonna be really fun and emotional.”