New Security Measures at PCHS


Last year the student entrances on panther creeks campus had functioning handicap buttons that automatically opened the doors for students who are incapable of doing so themselves. This year, those buttons don’t work. We asked administration what caused this change and if the handicap buttons would regain their functionality.

We were told by Mr. Olin that Wake county is seeking to enforce stricter security meseaures on wcpss school  campuses, one of which is installed automatic locks on the doors. Because the installion is taking place in “phases” the locks mean that the handicap door openers do not work, we have been assured that this issue is known and being addressed for 2 out of the 3 entrances that will have automatic locks, and will be resolved as soon as possible, for one of the doors however, it is unclear how the issue will be resolved because these security mesaures are being installed county wide, it will take a while to fix the automatic door openers at panther creek because the issue can only be addressed once all other schools have the locks properly installed. Once the issue is fixed, students who use the door opener will have to ring the doorbell and position themseves in front of the camera, the door must then be unlocked by a staff member, then the automatic door opener will work as usual.