Green Level


Green Level High School has joined the fray of public schools in Cary, NC. Open for the first time for the 2019-2020 school year, Green Level will teach students in grades 9 and 10 to start. As stated on the temporary website used by the school at the beginning of the year, the plan is to expand the student body to grades 9-11 in its second year, and grades 9-12 in all following years, with a student capacity of 2,262. Their mascot is a gator.

The new school’s principal, Mrs. Karen Summers, has held administrative roles for over two decades, including roles at schools in the area such as Davis Drive Middle School and Green Hope High School. “I have the great pleasure of leading in this new role as founding principal of Green Level High School,” she states on Green Level’s school website.

The school building, located at 7600 Roberts Road, consists of four floors. Students and staff from Apex High are, according to the official website for WCPSS, utilizing some of the space as their campus undergoes major renovations.

Some of the sophomores at Green Level who went to Panther Creek last year were willing to share their opinions on the new school are so far. “I like Green Level a lot. The teachers and students here are all very nice to each other and everyone is willing to help each other. I really like the building because there are many different classrooms and places that we’re allowed to go during free periods like lunch. We also have something called Gator Time here which allows us to go to club meetings, get any tutoring help, or even just socialize with other people,” says Nanjiba Kamrul.

Jake Juliano, another Green Level sophomore, goes on to say that “Back while I still went to Panther Creek, I hated Green Level and wanted nothing to do with it, but as time went on I had grown to form attachments to the school and now really like it. I like my friends, both new and old, and I like the happy feel of the school’s interior design; it is more inviting than at Panther Creek. One thing I dislike, however, is the thing called Gator Time on Tuesdays and Thursdays because it feels like a waste of time and also limits you to only being able to be in four clubs but possibly not the ones you want because many overlap. Since I like band and my band friends (most of my friends are in band) at Green Level, my experiences have been pretty good so far. I really like my AP HuGe teacher. Overall I’d say that after I got past my hatred for leaving what I had at Panther Creek to go to a new school, I really like Green Level.”