Black History Month

Throughout the month of February, Americans celebrate black history, memorializing black men and women who shaped our country, through music, medicine, entertainment, and politics. It is an important lesson for many to understand the struggle that hundreds of people fought for human rights, expressing the bravery and courage of these men and women; not getting lost in time.

Students around Panther Creek were interviewed about their take of Black History Month, asking why Black History Month was important to recognize. David Xui “I think Black History Month is really important just because it got a really integral part in American History.”

When asked what she thinks about when one hears History Month Diana Garland said “I think about the people, about Black History Month and made it to what it is, like people who were super important who came before us and kinda made history.” Asking who they all thinks about during Black History Month, PCNN was told; Martin Luther King Jr., Barack Obama, and Malcolm X. The legacies of these men and women and their perseverance lives on and students are able to learn about their struggle and hardship.

Bayard Rustin, well known LGBT and Civil Rights activist.
Harriet Tubman, helped slaves escape the south through the underground railroad.
Maya Angelou, poet and activist for Civil Rights.

Oprah Winfrey, first successful black woman to have a TV show.
Serena Williams, a 4 time Olympic Gold medalist for tennis.
Black History Month
Barack Obama, the USA’s 44th President, but the first President of color.
Rosa Parks, known for sticking up for herself when told to move on the bus.