PC’s Stance on Trump’s Executive Orders

Jack Self

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The first few weeks of Donald Trump’s presidency have been filled with many executive orders.  Three of the most important executive orders so far have been the orders pertaining to the border wall, the immigration halt from seven majority muslim countries, and the renewal of the Dakota Access Pipeline project.  Some students like the fact that Trump is strengthening the border including senior Owen Sturzebecker who claims, “I think the wall is a good thing for the United States, I think it will keep out drugs and illegal immigrants.”  Robert Jones, however,when asked about his opinion on the wall says, “I think it’s completely outrageous and he has absolutely lost his total mind.”  In regard to the “muslim ban” Paul Rudinsky says his opinion is, “I don’t agree with Trump’s muslim ban because it excludes such a wide variety of people.”  Hector Escobar, the school’s janitor, doesn’t have a problem with the ban saying, “It is more likely we don’t have any information about who these people are (from the seven banned countries)… I think we are better off playing it safe now.” Escobar also says that the Dakota Access Pipeline is a positive thing because it is, “the best way to save the environment,” rather than transporting the oil by other means.

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PC’s Stance on Trump’s Executive Orders