Are Panther Creek Upperclassman Safe on the Intersection?

Every day, Panther Creek High School juniors and seniors commute to and from school. Students race to the parking lot, determined not to get caught in any traffic.

However, a sharp turn sits at the exit of the student parking lot and leads into McCrimmon Parkway, a busy intersection. There is no traffic light or traffic guard, so drivers are forced to make tricky judgement calls when exiting or entering the school. When asked about her experience, Natalia Barnack, a senior, comments, “When I try to take a left and nobody is waiting to stop for me, then there’s accidents…”  

The sharp turn has been a concern with parents and students, as many have gotten into accidents within the intersection. 

“I was going a little bit too fast and I ran into the back of a Prius,” Jack Hansen, a junior, recalls. “And I think maybe a traffic guard could have slowed me down.” 

Students of Panther Creek are calling for the insertion of a traffic light or guard to ensure safety near the intersection. 

“Even though I haven’t seen an accident or been in one myself, there has definitely been a lot of close calls,” David Xiu, a senior, says. 

Tyler Muchnick, also a senior, adds, “I think it’s important for the safety of students and to make sure that everyone gets out of the school safely.” 

On October 15, some students driving back to school after the lunch period was involved in a car accident on the intersection. 

Right turn lane turning off of McCrimmon.
Left turn lane turning off of McCrimmon into Panther Creek.