How is the College Application Process Going for PCHS Seniors?

College Application Week took place in North Carolina on the week of October 21st, leaving many seniors in a hurry to complete their college applications. For the duration of the week, they had the option of assistance in submitting applications online. In addition to this, nearly 40 in-state colleges waived their application fees for the week. 

Managed by the College Foundation of North Carolina (CFNC) and the Carolinas Association of Collegiate Registrars & Admissions Officers (CACRAO), College Application Week was part of the program NC Countdown to College, and was intended to help and encourage students to apply for college. The process of college applications is a stressful and very time-consuming one for most seniors. It can take as long as multiple weeks just to work on the essay portion.

The application process is different for everyone, with many different aspects to consider. Of the students who opt to go to college, a majority have applied to a multitude of schools, and others have only sent applications to one or two. Approximately two thirds of Panther Creek’s seniors have applied to schools out of state. Over half have applied for scholarships.

Most colleges have application deadlines early next year, not including early action.

Acceptance letters are sent out in the spring, giving students until May 1st to make a final decision on which college to attend.