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Is PC Football Back to Glory?


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As many are aware, Panther Creek football has seen consecutive years of struggle. With years of no playoffs and early 1st round exits, it is easy to tell why. This year however, there seems to be some optimism. Panther Creek has had some big wins including a thriller 34-28 win against Middle Creek. We sat down to ask some football players what can be the causes for the great change.

The first question we asked was what did they accredit the culture shift to from last year to this year. Nick Moore, the teams running back stated, “It was our mindset, our maturity last year just wasn’t where it was needed to be, we definitely needed to change that this year”.

This is reasonable being that last year, over 60% of the team’s starters were underclassmen. With youth may come some immaturity, but the teams seems poised to change that.

Another thing we talked about was how did the coaches contribute to the culture shift. Caleb Garrett, a wide receiver for the Catamounts stated,” It was really our coaches teaching us about the mindset of “no crying” and how to attribute it to our daily lives”.

Every athlete knows that there is no time to feel sorry for yourself when you are on the football field. The players felt they had a lot of that last year, and they are working to change it immediately.

Panther Creek football seems to be on the rise, and with the help and support from the peers and parents, greatness can be expected in the near future. Hopefully Panther Creek will be back to it’s glory days. 

” I think we are a few inches away from being the team everyone expects us to be”

— Ariah Flethcer

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Is PC Football Back to Glory?