What’s the Outlook for the Track and Field Season?


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Will the track team win a state championship this year?

Panther Creek High School is known for their outstanding and exceptional sports programs. Last spring (of 2018), the Men’s and Women’s track and field team made it to the state Championship and placed #1 for the first time as a team. The overall success of the track team is a team effort, but there are a few outstanding individuals. Morgan Small ranked number three in the nation, the 4 by 800 boys relay team ranked number 8 in the state, Chase Hatley ranked at number four in the state, and Jordan Payne ranked number two in the state.

As a team, we are right where we need to be.”

— Taylor Stone

Casey Bagaasen, Korbin Smith, and the notorious Paul Scruggs, Head Coaches of the Track and Field team made major contributions to the success of this year’s team. One key factor that led to their success was coach Scruggs identifying the team’s strengths and weaknesses to embrace and to improve upon. In an interview he stated that “Working hard and preparing for the meets ahead of time is how to do succeed.”

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