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Junior Year

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Junior Year


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Junior year is often regarded as the most difficult year of high school. PCNN reporters decided to find some new juniors at Panther Creek, and ask their opinions on it so far.

The biggest change between sophomore and junior year is the classes. While sophomores are allowed to take a few AP classes, juniors are permitted to sign up for as many as they want, and are expected to take at least one. These college level courses cover more material and go much further into detail than honors courses, which can be a hard transition for students. Juniors Kenneth Sequeira and Seth Sorensen, in regard to AP classes, said they felt depressed and pressured by their parents to do well in these classes.

With responsibility comes reward, which for juniors, is off campus privileges. As underclassmen, students must either go to class for lunch or the cafeteria for lunch. Once they reach junior year, they are allowed to leave the campus for lunch, usually with friends, and go eat somewhere else. All of the students we talked to emphasized their appreciation for the midday break from school. One student stated that, they liked the freedom of having a break from school at lunch when prompted to talk about off campus passes.

Although only being a couple weeks into the school year, juniors seem to be adjusting well to this upcoming challenge and enjoying the privileges that comes with it.

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Junior Year