Homecoming Dance, Lit or Lame?

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Homecoming Dance, Lit or Lame?


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  • "Originally my point was that HOCO would be wack, but then here I was at Homecoming have a good time" -Jack Maple, Senior

  • "A lot of people where lit at HOCO like Kevin Wlosinski, Q Workman, Rafael Latimer, and Kidd Ethi"- Shruti Kuppol, Sophomore

  • "I didn't really like the playlist because a lot of the songs where old and like country" - Ashwin Srikanth, Sophomore

  • "I didn't really understand the theme. Back to the future, like what?"- Aly Delevendo, Sophomore

  • "I wouldn't say that the process to get HOCO tickets was unfair, since it was first come first serve, but it did seem like a lot of people i knew did not get tickets"- Jake Bertolini, Junior

  • "I feel like upperclassmen should have the opporutinuty to get first pick on HOCO tickets" -Kennedy Mountain, Sophomore

Besides prom, the annual homecoming dance is one of the most anticipated school events. Panther Creek students seem to love homecoming so much, so PCNN decided to interview students to find out what aspects of the dance they are most and least excited by.

For the first time in PCHS history, the homecoming tickets sold out before the week of the dance. This caused controversy in regards to why it happened and what should’ve happened. Most of the blame was pointed towards the lowerclassmen, who bought the majority of tickets since they can’t attend prom. Students, such as Megan Johnson, believed that if people wanted tickets, they should’ve ordered early, like she did. Others stated that it was the school’s fault for not providing enough tickets. Lots of people were desperately scouring for tickets, and some, like Ariah Fletcher, had to buy a ticket from someone else. Whatever the problem, the most important thing is that the same thing is prevented from occurring next year.

Although food was provided at the homecoming dance, most students said they were too busy dancing or socializing to eat. Of those who did eat, the food was applauded, except from one student, Jake Bertolini-Felice, who was disappointed at the lack of gluten free options provided.

This year, the homecoming decorations were based around Back to the Future. At the dance, decorations such as a balloon DeLorean, light up balloon tunnel, and cardboard cutouts of characters from the movie were placed around the cafeteria to attend to this theme. Students seemed to really enjoy the execution of the Back to the Future theme.

With dancing as the main event at homecoming, music is very important. To keep up with the Back to the Future theme, throwback songs were added onto the playlist. About half of the interviewed students liked this addition to the playlist, while the others weren’t as content with it, “this is 2017 not 1990,” one student said. When asked who the most lit person was at homecoming, the most common responses were split between two students; Zeke Brenner and Rafael Latimer. When asked, Rafael agreed that Zeke was definitely a contender.

It’s a homecoming tradition to go to an after-hoco party. Everyone interviewed went to a friend’s house after homecoming to hang out with their date and others.

Overall, PCHS Homecoming Dance 2017 seemed to be a success, but PCHS students have a few suggestions to improve next year’s dance. Multiple people thought the ticket process wasn’t well done and thought that either allowing more space for the dance or providing extra tickets available for purchasing. Another change was the food, some students are allergic or have other dietary restrictions, and the homecoming menu didn’t necessarily cater to those people. Whatever happens next year, PCNN will be there and ready to report!

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