Spooky Panther Creek: Halloween 2017


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Data from the National Retail Federation suggests that more than 179 million Americans plan to celebrate Halloween in 2017. The interviews of several Panther Creek students suggested that most intend to celebrate Halloween as well, especially since October 31st is a teacher workday, so students will have the day off. A few students said they were going to parties, but felt as though having school the day after Halloween was interfering with that. Students were asked whether they would have preferred having the day after Halloween off, instead of the current schedule. Although a couple people took a minute to think of the pros and cons, 100% of the polled students agreed that it would be more beneficial to have the day after Halloween off instead.  A popular tradition on Halloween is to dress in costumes, most students agree that halloween costumes should be allowed during school hours, as long as they don’t violate WCPSS dress code policies which state “Our code of student conduct prohibits disruptive, provocative, revealing, profane, vulgar, offensive, obscene or unsafe clothing or bodily appearances.” When asked if they had any school appropriate costume ideas, many suggested dressing up as a teacher or administrator.

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