Y is the YMCA the Move?


Kesu Endalkachew


Cary has been known for it’s constant construction and innovations. Recently a new YMCA has been introduced to the area that happened to be built right next to our school, Panther Creek. The YMCA is known to offer many things such as a fitness center, opportunities to interact with others in the area, and attracting more people into the community. One of the ways it benefits Panther Creek students is that they are able to go to the gym after school. This promotes Panther Creek students to be more active and to participate in afterschool fellowship with one another.

When interviewing various Panther Creek students we found they many had different views and perspectives on the YMCA. For example students like Catherine Cenzoprano had a great appreciation for the community center and even goes everyday after school. Some students are like Mackenzie Shulmistra, who hasn’t heard much about the YMCA and has yet to get a membership. 

Overall the YMCA had became a trend at PCHS, with many students claiming it to be the “move”. As Lorenza Surgers had previously pointed out, not many people have a membership right now, though PCNN predicts that more and more people will continue to join the YMCA wave.