Insane Talents at the Creek

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Insane Talents at the Creek


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More than 2,000 high school students roam the halls of Panther Creek every day, but not everyone is as ordinary as you may think. We are sure each and every student at Panther Creek has a very unique skill of some sort, but PCNN went out and found five students who showcased some of the coolest talents we saw!

Leah Smedley and Jake Cramutola, who are both on the varsity cheer team here at Panther Creek, were our first targets. As I’m sure you could guess, they were flipping around campus showing us their talents. Jake Cramutola performed his standing full with precision and a super clean landing! It was quite obvious that he put a lot of work into perfecting his craft. Leah Smedley executed a flawless back tuck, and showed off what she had been perfecting for the past few years.

Next on our list was Jacob Cline, who showed off his artistic abilities by drawing us a detailed map of the world. It took him about 5 minutes to draw the entire map on a stock piece of printer paper. When we asked him about when he had learned to do this, he said, “sometime around eighth grade.”

Riley Flinchum, aka “Riley the Destroyer”, had some pretty serious jumping abilities and showed us how easy it was for him to touch the ceiling while assisting himself up using the wall. Earlier in the year and even during his junior year, he was always known to be an impressive jumper. PCNN recorded jumping over a locker bay in the commons.

Last, but not least was Madison Melvin, who performed some kind of flexible maneuver, that involved locking her hands behind her back and maneuvering them over her head with some gruesome twists and turns. We couldn’t believe what we had just seen.

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