PCHS views on Civics

Senior year, the time where the seniors can relax and enjoy their last year in High School.  One of the required class you have to take as a Senior is Civics and Economics. Some students have positive and negative attitudes towards the course. PCNN asked Panther Creek students if they could use one word to describe Civics, what would it be? Madelyn Mirador said, “Useful.” She finds the class helpful because it has taught her how to financially balance herself.  PCNN also asked, “How do you feel about the class?” Yasir said, “It will help me in the future.” We can see that even though some students don’t like the work they do in the class, they still realize it will help them in the future. Civics used to be a Sophomore class, so we asked, “Do you think Civics should be a Senior class?” Most of the students explained how Civics would be a more useful class if it was a Sophomore class because most students get jobs Junior year and it would help up them be more financially stable. Through all the interviews done, we saw that Panther Creek students do appreciate civics.