Slowly Losing Snapchat

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Slowly Losing Snapchat


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In this day and age social media sharing apps such as Instagram, Twitter, Kik, and Snapchat are being increasingly used and have become apart of our technological culture. Reasons for why such methods of communication and social networking are so popular is because of how convenient it is and the amount of flexibility users can have with it. The popular app snapchat is currently one of the most successful in this category of social media.

Snapchat is an app where people are able to take and share photos with other people that have the app. It also has aspects where people can chat, take unique pictures with filters, and also look up current news stories. Anyone can see the app offers a little bit of everything, making it the most optimal social media tool in our phones. Though society nowadays tends not to be prone to change, recently snapchat has made some changes that are less favored by the users of the app. PCNN took to the halls of Panther Creek once again to see if we could find some users of the app and get their take on the new update.

” I’m used to getting a lot of views on my Snapchat story, but after the update and different layout my views decreased.””

— Morgan Smith

To really see how people feel about the Snapchat update, we made a poll for Panther Creek students take.

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Slowly Losing Snapchat