Cook Out, the Supreme Destination


This month, PCNN has decided to take on the topic of what is the best move to eat for the students of Panther Creek. What we found was almost a unanimous decision that pointed out cookout for the greatest place to eat not only off campus but after any event.

“Cook Out, wow it’s amazing, truly the best thing to eat.”

— Andrew Burch


Panther Creek is known to have a lot of after school events and activities and after most of them are finished students need a place to gather and socialize. That place has seemed to be Cook Out. We have found multiple reasons on why Cook Out has been the prime destination for students of Panther Creek.  

Cook Out, the best destination for a late night meal. Students here at Panther Creek love the idea that Cook Out is open until 3:00 a.m.

“When it’s 2:00 a.m. and I am hungry, Cook Out is really one of the only places in this area that is still open. Also the quality of the food is amazing,” says Ryan Molter, a student here at Panther Creek.

In high school, students tend to stay out late, whether it is after games, after school events, or just to hang out and relax. The only place they really think about going at such a late time is Cookout.  

Another key thing that makes Cook Out amazing is their milkshakes. Cook Out is world famous for their milkshakes. Most students here at Panther Creek say that it is second to none.   The wide variety of milkshake flavors intrigues almost everyone.

“The thing I love about Cook Out is their milkshakes. Probably the best milkshakes around. I heard they over 20 flavors to choose from. I mean that’s pretty incredible,” says Anthony Osborne.  

You can really not choose wrong, by choosing any flavor at Cook Out. It’s really incredible to think that their milkshakes can just be so good!

Although Cook Out is very popular, it still is not the undisputed champion. Rival organizations such as Bojangles, Waffle House, and Smithfields are found to be well liked by a lot of students here at Panther Creek. While some students prefer these restaurants it is obvious that Cookout is the supreme destination for the Students here at Panther Creek and beyond.