Senior Trips for the Summer of 2018


The time has come for the seniors of 2018 Panther Creek Senior class to finally graduate. Seeing as there are many seniors inside our school greatly anticipating the graduation date PCNN decided to interview students on plans after high school.

Coming out of school, many seniors have a strong desire to search and discover new parts of the world. Being cooped up in a classroom for 12 years can do that to a teenager. We went around collecting information from Panther Creek seniors and asked them how or where they are planning to celebrate their upcoming graduation. We also asked what type of trips they may be going on before they start college or whatever else they are planning to do after high school.

Through interviewing and polling multiple seniors we have had gained many responses with various destinations they wished to visit after school or before college. For example, Sierra Brown explained her plans to go to Miami Beach for her last summer with all her high school friends, she plans to sum up her Panther Creek experiences with this one last trip.

Other students like Dejah Sullivan hope to go outside of the country. She has always dreamed to go to Cancun so she can enjoy the fun in the sun.

We here at PCNN wish graduating seniors the best of luck in their future as well as the best of fun on their upcoming trips. Congratulations Senior Class of 2018!