Advice For Rising Freshman From Current Freshmen

Current Freshman at panther creek give advice to the class of 2022

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Advice For Rising Freshman From Current Freshmen

Q Workman


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As the 2018 school year ends, Panther Creek prepares to welcome a new class of students, the class of 2022. For many, freshman year of high school can be a time filled with change.  Adjusting to the new environment to managing a balance of having both an academic and social life. It is often exciting, nerve-wracking, and at times overwhelming. When asked about advice for freshman year students responded: just make sure you study, do your work and don’t wait until the last minute. Students also had advice in terms of athletics saying: school is more important than athletics and school keeps you playing.

According to the News and Observer, Wake County’s graduation rate is up by 1.4% from 2016, putting Wake County schools at a 88.5% graduation rate, Panther Creek specifically has a 96% graduation rate, which can very likely be attributed to the teachers and faculty that manage the learning of approximately 2500 students.

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Advice For Rising Freshman From Current Freshmen