The 2018 Nerf Wars!

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The 2018 Nerf Wars!


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Nerf Wars is a tradition here at Panther Creek. Nerf Wars is a game where the seniors compete in multiple weeks of going against each other in teams. To win against the other team, your group must use nerf guns to shoot the enemy. You can’t pull the gun out during school hours or on school campus, while driving a car, or while the car is on. The seniors went underway to compete for the Panther Creek Nerf Wars Title.

We talked to Senior Skyler Georges, who plays for the Team Snacks. Skyler says that her team was winning against the Dome Doinkers after getting 2 people out. They ended up losing the lead after Skyler was ambushed by an enemy teammate.

Senior Abby Zadiet, on team Malt Rushmore, was playing The 68 Club. We asked Abby how many kills their team had and she responded with with a very disappointing 1 kill. We also asked her if they have been ambushed and they said no but they have tried to ambush the other team but it hasn’t worked out well.

Trice Pickens, who plays for the Lil Meat Squad, has 0 kills this round but his team has a total of 3 kills. Trice said he was ambushed the night before but it ended up working for his team after they got a confirmed kill.



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The 2018 Nerf Wars!